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Hand block printing  always has a story to tell due to its strong  roots.  It can be a traditional art form for you or a modern one, that is what makes it so versatile and loved by all.  The various techniques like natural dying, printing with non – organic dyes, metallic colors makes  the process interesting and  can  transform any piece of cloth to an aesthetic fabric.

At Block Beauty, we undertake projects that are challenging and creative. We explore various designs and styles, from animal prints to quirky moustache prints. Geometrical designs are also a favourite.  Apart from traditional designs, we make designs that are also appealing to the younger customers. We aim at creating a unique style and contemporary approach with hand block printing.

Animal prints

We believe in using eco – friendly colors that are also commercially viable and gives the client a varied choice with selections of tones and shades. We create a wide of colors from basic red, blue, yellow to complex mix of tertiary colors, not to forget the elegant metallic colors that is for the niche boutique client.

The niche market also calls for original prints, my sister Durga Gokul is a head of our design team at Block Beauty, she is a keen designer and her ideas are loved by all our clients. We work on new concepts with this traditional art form with her vibrant ideas that gives a fresh look to Block Beauty.

Rajasthan Dairies

My first visit to the pink city, Jaipur was a dream come true. It met all my expectations and more with its rich culture. One can see how proud the locales are of their history. The beautiful palaces, forts, lakes, city architecture are maintained well and is welcoming for the viewer.







The various arts and crafts are a treat to the eyes, they can add a royal touch to any home. We at block beauty are proud to be part of this ancient and traditional art of block printing. To see its origin, gave us a wider perspective and have opened up various possibilities.


It is a place that one can go back to over and aver again to be inspired, there is a sense of belonging with its surroundings and people. In spite of extreme temperatures, the locales are very enthusiastic and charming. It is a place that teaches you how to live and enjoy every moment. People in remote villages in Rajasthan still follow aged old values in terms of food, dress, social norms and work ethics.

It was nice to see men, women and children dressed in the traditional patterns of Ajrakh in Jaisailmer. The concept of Rajasthani Thali is very popular, one has to sit down and eat, to enjoy this type of cuisine.







In few places, women follow the system of goongat, where the saree is used to cover their head. The prints that are worn by people in the villages of Rajasthan, talks about  their identity in terms with social significance.

Mixed media Art

Pooja Gokul is an artist with a visual art background and has 10 years of experience in the art world. She has been an art teacher alongside developing her art with varied media.Pooja is a master of portraiture. Her artwork is an eclectic blend of traditional material and contemporary technique.

She spends quality time on her paintings from the idea to execution, it takes her 2- 3 weeks to complete an artwork. She can only paint when something inspires her. The  avid reader is an admirer of Praveen Kuar, Gustav Klimnt, Paul Klee, Anish Kapoor, Frida Khalo and many more. Even with inspirations ranging so diversely, Pooja’s artistic conscience remains willfully uncluttered.

These  are few of Pooja’s artwork below

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OMTitle – OM

Mixed media on canvas

size – 4 feet by 2.5 feet.

Artist – Pooja Gokul

Year – 2015

Sold at an exhibition at Taj west end, 2015, by Gallery Third Eye.

shellTitle – Shell

mixed media on canves

Artist – Pooja Gokul

year – 2015


The block buster artisrt

Customize a block

At Block Beauty, we believe in making exclusive designs with high quality. We customize blocks for our clients, which gives them a personal experience with block printing.

Sketch to block
Sketch to block

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Pooja, comes from an art background. She has a degree in Visual arts from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. She is an art educator and artist. Drawing and creativity comes naturally to her, she designs blocks for her clients and make sure the quality of the block is as good as the drawing . We have a team of qualified block makers, who have been carving designs for 35 years.

Sketch to block to printing –

Sketch to block

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It takes us one week from the sketch to a block, that is ready to use for printing.  We assure you that our blocks will last you more than a lifetime.

A customized block that is being used to print by one of our clients –




Handmade wooden blocks for block printing

Blocks are the most important part of Block Printing. Our Block makers have been creating designs from 35 years. They are dedicated and deliver quality with every design. At Block Beauty, we create traditional Indian patterns as well as modern designs, popular culture imagery, fonts with names in all languages. We also customize blocks for clients who do block printing as a business, people who are learning and doing it as a hobby. We have an online site, where you can see our blocks and order them. We take orders of designs, that one would like exclusively for them. All that we require is a picture and the size.

We use teak wood in Karnataka, the blocks are strong and will last you a lifetime.

The Intensive Process
The blocks are treated with a white Titanium paste on the top.

The design is drawn on butter paper and later placed on the wooden block that is used to create a dotted line with a tool.

The block maker makes a mark with a dotted line using an iron tool. This step is very important, after which any step cannot be undone. After every detail has been outlined, he begins to carve, it could take him one day or  even a week to complete the carving, this depends on the intricacy of the design.

The blocks are oiled well to make sure they are long lasting. We also teach you how to take care of the blocks that you buy from Block Beauty.

How blocks are made at Block Beauty
How blocks are made at Block Beauty

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Block Printing Workshops

Pooja Gokul conducts Block Printing workshops at Kynkyny art Gallery in Bangalore. Her workshops are a part of their Culture Club. She gives an expert talk on The history of hand block printing along with a hands on workshop.

About the KYNKYNY Culture Club
The KYNKYNY Culture Club is a forum for our community to come together to share ideas and express ourselves. A platform to promote creativity and professional development, KCC will host film screenings, workshops, master classes and talks to promote discovery and learning.

Pooja talks about the origins and process of hand block printing in India, including how the blocks are made and the social symbolism of different motifs. This is followed by a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn the technique of block printing on paper and cloth.

Workshops by Pooja Gokul
Workshops by Pooja Gokul


Expert talk and hands on Workshop
Expert talk and hands on Workshop

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About Pooja Gokul
Pooja is an artist and art educator based in Bangalore. She holds a Bachelors of Visual Arts degree from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, where she specialised in painting.

Pooja spent 5 years teaching the Cambridge syllabus at the International School Bangalore and Trio World School. Pooja conducts various workshops and competitions across the city, including at the the National Gallery of Modern Art, Art Bengaluru and Jagriti Theatre. She is also a professional artist and creates contemporary portraits using traditional techniques and materials, including hand block prints.


Block Printing Classes at Block Beauty

Pooja Gokul will guide you through this process and help you plan your creations. She has trained around 150-200 people in her classes and workshops.
Pooja is an artist and an art educator. She has a Bachelors degree from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat and her love for design has led her to
create Block Beauty.

One can learn the art of block printing at our studio, where all the materials are provided. Our enthusiastic students start with one colour blocks
and graduate to two and three colour blocks. They learn precision and speed with practice and print just as the professional printers do.
They print on paper, cloth and canvas that are used to decorate their homes with block printed curtains, table mats, pillow covers and much more.
They create gifts for family and friends with the art of block printing.

Block Printing classes at Block Beauty
Block Printing classes at Block Beauty

classes2 classes3 classes4 classes5 classes6 classes7