Handmade wooden blocks for block printing

Blocks are the most important part of Block Printing. Our Block makers have been creating designs from 35 years. They are dedicated and deliver quality with every design. At Block Beauty, we create traditional Indian patterns as well as modern designs, popular culture imagery, fonts with names in all languages. We also customize blocks for clients who do block printing as a business, people who are learning and doing it as a hobby. We have an online site www.blockbeauty.com, where you can see our blocks and order them. We take orders of designs, that one would like exclusively for them. All that we require is a picture and the size.

We use teak wood in Karnataka, the blocks are strong and will last you a lifetime.

The Intensive Process
The blocks are treated with a white Titanium paste on the top.

The design is drawn on butter paper and later placed on the wooden block that is used to create a dotted line with a tool.

The block maker makes a mark with a dotted line using an iron tool. This step is very important, after which any step cannot be undone. After every detail has been outlined, he begins to carve, it could take him one day orĀ  even a week to complete the carving, this depends on the intricacy of the design.

The blocks are oiled well to make sure they are long lasting. We also teach you how to take care of the blocks that you buy from Block Beauty.

How blocks are made at Block Beauty
How blocks are made at Block Beauty

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